Thirteen years


The pretty girl I married is a beautiful woman now.

She has grown to be so as the last thirteen years have unfolded,

Thirteen beautiful years.

Thirteen winters, protected by the warmth of our love,

Thirteen Springs during which our love has continued to blossom,

Thirteen summers, when our love has built memories time will never erase.

And now our thirteenth Autumn,

As always a time of reflection –

Looking back, we remember so many happy times,

How good life has been since first we met.

So too, we look forward,

Awaiting what God has planned for us

And those two precious lives that have grown from our love,

For us and our other family,

Each one a beautiful flower in God’s garden of life.

Whatever it is that the future holds,

Of one thing I am sure,

As long as my future is blessed with Kate, Gareth and you,

It’s a future I can face with confidence…

And a joy beyond compare.

I love you Boo.


The start of the adventure..the first Autumn.

(Composed in October 1988 to celebrate our thirteenth wedding anniversary. Bethany Joy our youngest daughter was born in November 1992)

Perfect love knows no because…


I don’t love you because of your beauty,

Although there is none on earth more fair.

It isn’t because of your love for me,

Wonderful and steadfast though it is,

Discounting all others your love is for me alone.

I don’t love you because of your charm and innocence

Seeing only the best in people;

A more trusting and lovely soul my path has never crossed.

Neither is it your warm and caring nature

Which protects, encourages and lifts me

Every moment of this life we share.

I just love you…

Perfect love knows no because.



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