As you go along life’s way,

Whatever path you choose,

You come across so many different people,

Yet, try as hard as you may,

You’ll never meet a lovelier man than


I knew him for just a brief glimpse of time

Yet from him I learnt so much

Of life and love and all that is good.

Small of stature, yet big in things that count…

Decency, honesty, a man worthy to bear the name


Gentle ways, gentle nature,

One who cared more deeply than we will ever know.

But he is gone – and oh the difference now!

The world is a poorer place without him,

Yet somehow richer because of his life.

Yet he is not gone, he waits just around the corner,

One day we will meet him there – never again to part.

Meanwhile, as we wait, we still have his love, his smile

And our beautiful memories of a lovely man

Husband, father, friend to us

And a worthy example to all.

Composed in memory of Jean’s dad Joseph Ainsworth Musgrove.

A lovely man.  Forever loved by all who knew him and adored by his wife to this day.

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