Forty-five Years


The pretty girl I married is a beautiful woman now.

She has grown to be so as the last forty-five years have unfolded,

Forty-five beautiful years.

Forty-five Winters, protected by the warmth of our love,

Forty-five Springs during which our love has continued to blossom,

Forty-five Summers, when our love has built memories time will never erase.

And now Autumn comes around again,

As always, a time of reflection –

Looking back, we remember so many happy times,

Sad times too have not stayed away….

Life has been so good since first we met.

So too, we look forward,

Awaiting what God has planned for us

And the precious lives that have grown from our love,

Each one a beautiful flower in God’s garden of life.

Whatever it is that the future holds,

Of one thing I am sure,

As long as my future is blessed with you…

 …and our precious family,

It’s a future I can face with confidence…

And a joy beyond compare.

I love you Boo.


Author: rogernewberry

Full time, husband, father and grandfather.

2 thoughts on “Forty-five Years”

  1. Hi Roger
    Came over your blog by accident while searching Howardian. Good to see you are enjoying retirement. If you remember we first met when we were on the same interview for a deputy head job. Would love to follow your adventures.

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