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Roger Newberry – retired teacher – now full time husband, father and grandfather.


I was born not too long after the end of the Second World War in Grangetown, Cardiff.  I grew up in a council house in Llanishen, a suburb in the north of the city. It was, in many ways, an idyllic childhood. We had streets with very few cars, where we played our childhood games. There was a wood nearby, where  we played in streams , built dams, fished in the stream and in a nearby newt pond. We often took some bread and jam and had picnics and always felt safe. At the end of every day, I went home to parents who loved me and made sacrifices for me, my brother and sister.

I am a Christian and I met the young lady who changed my life in church where we were young people together. She became my wife and my life in 1975 when I was a young teacher.

The adventure we began together in 1973 has been a remarkable one.


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