10 reasons why I love the plug@13a…

The Plug is a small, independent coffee house in Dinas Powys.

In June 2014 it looked like this…



10246723_789848507706610_4578536307210303910_nA year on it looks very different…

Pete and Rachel Lewis transformed this former flower shop into something quite stunning…


The Plug opened in June 2014. It really is the most wonderful place. Here are ten reasons why I love visiting this little gem…

This is what the owners have to say….


We opened The Plug to serve great coffee. We knew it wasn’t just going to be a job but it was going to become our life. When you’re passionate about something you work tirelessly. I have watched Pete pour his heart & soul into The Plug every single day for the last six months & the six months prior to opening. There are no words to say how proud of him I am.

The Plug was also always going to be about people. We wanted to get to know everyone that came in….we had no idea how many new friends we would make. Everyday we’ve had great conversations with people we didn’t know before. Ask the right questions & you’ll discover how truly fascinating people are. We value every single person that has come through our door.


  • The owners Pete and Rachel. These young people are living out their dream of creating a high class, friendly, intimate coffee house and they have gathered us all in to share in it.DSC07961
  • The waitress – Bes is just delightful. 10480988_826102334081227_6042917103744396943_nHelpful and friendly with time for a chat, now a Barista in her own right. She managed things beautifully while Pete and Rachel took a holiday recently. Bes is becoming an expert and with her husband Alex is a vital part of all that happens in The Plug.10614101_10205951497723264_1219223503983335817_n 11110874_10206306969009824_891927428731466182_n Bes’s artwork…the tulip…
  • The position – set right in the centre of the pretty village of Dinas Powys in The Vale of Glamorgan. The Plug has breathed new life into our village.
    DSC07996DSC07993DSC07992I very rarely used to visit the village centre but now do so every day – in fact since The Plug opened I have only missed visiting for one day, apart from when I am away.
  • The coffee – beautiful coffee sourced from the best independent coffee roasters. The coffee is expertly made and freshly ground to order. Pots of tea are also available, as well as cold drinks.DSC07955DSC07957DSC07956Unknown
  • The food – right from the start Pete and Rachel decided on a limited menu of high-class foods..DSC0795811008463_978724118819047_5349640578039600483_nBread is sourced from high quality, independent bakers and cakes are made on site and fresh every day. Stunning!   DSC07977
  • A great meeting place – The Plug is such a great place to meet friends, small tables or the large table by the door, all offer a great place for a chat with old friends or make new ones!      DSC07959DSC07964DSC07984
  • Courses – Pete runs a coffee brewing course on a regular basis. They are just brilliant and give such a great insight into the fascinating world of coffee.  
  • 10914761_929953597029433_1097721549706175473_o
  • Music – Pete plays a great selection every day…. And will even let you choose what you want to listen to. It’s never too loud but loud enough to create a lovely atmosphere.Music Background With Different Genres and Types
  • Payment – you can pay in so many ways… cash, credit card, debit card, PayPal via your smartphone or you can even buy a gift card to keep you going for a few daysDSC07973Once or twice I have turned up without money and was allowed to pay on my next visit….
  • The loo!!! – wonderful!         DSC07982


I like The Plug… a lot!


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