Adventures with Alfie. Day 1

Friday 7th September 2012

Today, for the first time, K8 and Jas trusted me with the little miracle we sometimes call Alfie. K8 has gone back to work part time and I have agreed to care for Alfie on a Friday while she & Jas are working.

Big responsibility…but also big opportunity for fun and adventures together.

Been thinking… as Alfie was born in Cardiff I thought I had better get to work introducing him to the wonderful city of his birth. So today we took our first trip into Cardiff alone together. I think we were both excited as we boarded the train from Eastbrook – I decided on the train in case the bus pushchair space was taken and I had to do a quick fold up on the first day – and made our way into Cardiff. I think he’s going to like trains as he smiled all the way in!First stop of course was The Hayes Island Snack Bar where we sat and watched the Paralympics on the big screen. I toyed with the idea of a bacon roll, the smell wafting over the pigeon droppings was so tempting. Then the flashbacks started and I remembered the encounter with the seagull in October, so today I gave it a miss.
I think Alfie enjoyed it here, he smiled all the time!

After some time here we moved on to Ashton’s the fishmonger in Cardiff Market. He was amazed at all the ugly faces on display, but shook his head when I offered him one of my cockles…Hmmmm, some work to do there. I had already asked for ‘the usual please’ when the girl with the broad Caaardiff accent asked if she could help.
I think Alfie liked it here, he smiled all the time!

We strolled around the market and I showed Alfie where he could buy a pig’s head or an ox heart when he was bigger, he didn’t seem all that interested. All changed though when we took the lift upstairs to look at the pets! He loved the budgies and the rabbits. I thought about surprising K8 and Jas with a mouse or a rat, but thought better of it. One shop had an albino rabbit…I thought…albino, you can’t say fairer than that!
I think Alfie liked it here he smiled all the time!

By now it was getting close to food time. I want to help bring Alfie up proper like, so I decided today not to have a bacon roll in the market with the real Caaaardiff people but to go to Howells, where I felt I would have a better chance of a high chair and my tea in a pot instead of a polystyrene cup! On the way to my usual haunt on the top floor, I saw a sign, which said Café Zest, so I tried it! What a find! Plenty of space and definitely a refined clientele. It was like Fifty Shades of Grey, with all the old dears there. I think I was the youngest by a few years. Alfie wowed them all with his smiling and giggling. Big bonus…. they had a bacon roll and a pot of tea on special offer. I was in heaven. I ordered mine and a rack of toast for the little ‘un and we spent a very pleasant hour with the blue rinse brigade who all left talking about my little miracle! Perhaps that’s why it’s called the Café Zest, these old grippers has a certain zest for life and were great with the little man.
I think Alfie liked it here, he smiled all the time!

We made our way back to the station meandering through the Cardiff Arcades and the charity shops in Central Square and bought a beautiful shirt, Bargain!

I think Alfie liked this part of the trip as he smiled all the way!

We arrived home mid afternoon, looked at each other, shook hands and agreed… Fridays are going to be fun!

Then Alfie smiled!!

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