The Seagull. 2nd February 2012

I feel violated!  I had a good day in Cardiff rediscovering my roots. Today I did all the Arcades…
Wyndham Arcade
Royal Arcade
Morgan Arcade
High Street Arcade
Castle ArcadeLoads of good different shops, made a nice change from the usual St David’ s 2 lot.

Then it happened!

Keeping the promise I had made a week ago to myself I went for a bacon roll and a cup of tea at The Hayes Island Snack Bar (not an island any more by the way…). It came and I was salivating, a beautiful soft roll about 10 inches long filled with three rashers of lean bacon, freshly fried. I took them to a table to enjoy watching my fellow Cardiff citizens about their daily life. I noticed there were no pigeons around which pleased me. What I failed to notice though was the giant seagull sat waiting on the top of David Morgan. I opened the bag with great expectation and took a sip of tea…piping hot, not too strong, not too milky…life was good.

Then it happened!!! Before I had even taken a bite this massive seagull swooped down, brushing my face with his enormous wings and took my bacon roll. He dropped it about 20 yards away and then, mysteriously, the pigeons arrived and they ate it together…GUTTED!

I’ll stick to the market in future…..

Author: rogernewberry

Full time, husband, father and grandfather.

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