Luna’s story

Luna’s story


Hello. My name is Luna.


It was the name given to me by my creator. Did you know bears don’t get born? We are created. My creator was a lovely lady called Lainy. Lainy lives in England, so I am an English bear.


Some people call us ‘Teddy’ bears, but we don’t like that, we like to be called bears. My creator told me that I was special when she created me. She told me I am the only one like me, there never has been and there never will be another bear just like me. I have a label that tells everyone how special I am. I have German glass eyes.


I like being special.

Last week I was adopted. Bears like to be adopted. We always love our creator and we will never forget them, but we are made to be adopted. On the journey down to my new home I was very excited and very nervous. I was in a basket with my chums.


People who see us think we are cute, especially Giraffe and Elephant. We always tease them that they are not bears, but we never break friends. We always love each other, and when one of us gets adopted, we are all very happy.

When I saw my new home I was very pleased. I could tell they liked me because they cuddled me a lot, but the lady of the house said she could not afford me and would like to pay instalments. I asked Elephant and Giraffe what instalments were, but no one knew. I was very worried.

Then after tea, a chubby  little man with a gentle face said he would adopt me as a present for Easter for the kind lady. She smiled a lot and was very happy, but she was not as happy as me.

So I was adopted – it was the best day of my life.

It was hard saying goodbye to my creator Lainy and my chums. I was sad to see them go. It was strange to be on my own for the very first time.



My new owner said I was now a Welsh bear, as I had come to live in Wales.


I love being a Welsh bear.


When you are adopted your new owner can change your name but my name is going to stay the same. I like being called Luna. I am glad my name was not changed.

My new owner put me on the mantelpiece.


I like being on the mantelpiece, you can see all that is going on. My new family is very excited, as there is a very new baby in the family.

I saw the new baby. She is very pretty. When she is older perhaps she will want to play with me. I would like that very much.

On my first day in my new home I met two more bears. They told me all about where I had come to live. They told me about a girl who lived in the house; she is very sweet and gentle. I will love her too. There is also a little dog called Belle. She is a good dog and doesn’t bite toys.


I am glad Belle does not bite toys. I would not like to be bitten by a dog, even if it is a small one.

It was good to have some bear friends. They looked a bit old but they were very friendly.


One thing they did tell me was about another bear, a very old bear that lived in a cupboard upstairs. No one ever played with him any more. He was very old. They say he is blind and has only got one leg. His fur has all been loved off. Some of the toys in the house are afraid of him.


At night I am put on top of a cupboard near the pictures of two very old men.They both have very kind faces. I have not seen them in the house. I think maybe they have gone away.ImageImage

If I turn my head a bit I can see some old writing in a frame. It looks like the writing is a love letter. Maybe one of the old men wrote it to someone special, like me. I know I am a special bear.

When I look at the old men in the pictures I think again about the old bear who lives in the cupboard upstairs.


I think he sounded very nice. I expect he has many stories to tell. I wonder if one day I can meet him and hear all about his life.

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Full time, husband, father and grandfather.

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