Just Max and me… Adventures Day 6

Max caught me out today and arrived somewhat earlier than usual. His mum wasn’t taking Alfie to school today, so it meant I saw Max’s first smile of the day at the bottom of the stairs instead of in the car. That was fine by me. The lady of the house made her way cheerily to work and Max and I just chilled. The fire was lit, and the blankets unfolded, and we just sat and enjoyed each other’s company. It was pretty cool – Max didn’t seem in a hurry to move. I wasn’t keen on doing much either – apart from cuddling Max! The events of the previous day meant I was quite tired and needed a day just chilling out and reflecting.

We watched a couple of Thomas the Tank Engine episodes, before slowly getting ready to go out. We had been invited to share a day adventuring with Max’s cousin Eli and it was agreed we would visit Coconuts again – just two short weeks after our previous visit. Max didn’t mind, he absolutely loves it there.


We had arranged to meet Eli and Elsie at ten o’clock at the Centre and as we approached it Max went rigid with sheer excitement!  He was so happy. We met the others just inside!


Eli – as usual- was all smiles to chatting away quite happily. Elsie looked as beautiful as ever. We paid our dues and made our way in and Eli and Max were off.

It was beautiful to see these two little cousins playing happily together, each doing their own thing, sometimes playing together and sometimes playing and exploring on their own.

They both made for the ball pit. Max was in his element throwing the balls everywhere and Eli carefully picking each one up and sometimes throwing them back and sometimes putting them gently back in.


Max made a big step forward this week. Last time I had to scale the heights and help him through a small hole between the bouncy ladder and the big blue slide. Today he attacked it confidently and made his way to the slide all on his own. He even encouraged Eli to do it and the two little friends had so much fun.

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Elsie watched on smiling all the time and she even had a go in the ball pit herself. I think she enjoyed it – she smiled anyway – mind you she smiles constantly. Maybe she just loves everything!

DSC01473bde5c2a9-052d-4d61-b7d9-c9869946a1ceDSC01477 2

At one time the door into the main hall had been left open… Max was onto it straight away and made a bolt for the Noddy Car – his favourite thing of all, I think. No need to insert a pound, Max just loves sitting  it steering to his heart’s content!


After a couple of hours both little lads were exhausted and so we made our way home after agreeing to make this a regular occurrence. It was so sweet to see all the cousins so happy in each other’s company.

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Max made  dash for the slot machines on the way out.


He had very heavy eyes when we reached home and gave the biggest smile of the day when we climbed the stairs to the special room set aside in our home for the grandchildren – it is uniquely decorated half with boys’ things and half with a girls’ theme and thankfully they all love both bits. It’s their special place. The shutters were closed, the pillow was plumped up and Max snuggled down to sleep. He dreamt of climbing, sliding and rolling about and he dreamt about his little cousins who he loves so much.

After his extended nap he woke refreshed and we enjoyed a late lunch and listened to the Scallywags DVD.


It wasn’t too long before Max’s dad arrived. Half term had begun Happy days! We had a lovely day – Just Max and me and Bes and Eli and little Elsie.

Treasured times!



Adventures with my grampy…


Hi, I’m Eli

I was born just over a year ago. I have a wonderful daddy and mummy and two special grandmothers and two special grandfathers. I love them a lot.


I don’t have any brothers and sisters at the moment, but I might do in the future. I love being with my daddy and mummy every day. We live in a nice house. I have a special room, where I sleep and there is another room downstairs where I play. There is my wigwam in that room.  I love my wigwam.


I also love it when I get to see my grandparents. Today, my mum told me that because she was working and my daddy was working, I had to stay with my grampy. My nanna wasn’t there just my grampy, I was sad about that – I love my nanna – but I still smiled, because I always smile, all day every day.

Grampy Rog picked us up in his car and took my mum to work. I like his car its old and battered – like my daddy and mummy’s.

We were going out adventuring but the rain made it impossible… maybe next time.


When we got to grampy’s house he let me play with the kitchen.


I had so much fun. I love opening doors and closing them. There are three doors in the kitchen. I love playing with all the toys as well.

Grampy gave me my breakfast – I love eating food, I do it every day…

After a bit, I decided to climb the stairs, I knew grampy was watching me, so I knew I wouldn’t fall. When I was tired, I pretended to be scared and I started to cry. I know that’s the best way of being picked up, and sure thing, grampy picked me up and took me downstairs.


After playing for a bit more Grampy tried to put me in the cot for a sleep, but I was having too much fun, so I decided to play in the cot and grampy soon picked me up and said we were going shopping to IKEA. I think I had been to IKEA before, I like that shop. We drove there in the car and on the way, I felt very sleepy and I just dropped off as we pulled into the car park.

I love going shopping with grampy, he’s the only one who knows how to push a trolley the right way.


I don’t like looking backwards, I like to look forwards at all the people and all the nice things. I liked IKEA. After looking around we went to have some food in the restaurant. My mummy had made me my dinner she is so kind to me.


Grampy had meatballs and chips. His face looked very happy when he was eating them.

After dinner, we went and bought a new high chair for our holidays in France. I like France, I went there when I was only six weeks old. I don’t remember much.

I like my new high chair it will be good to use it on my holidays.


This high chair matched my top. I like it a lot!


On the way back to my grampy’s house, I fell asleep again but when we got home, I woke up again. Grampy tried to put me in the cot again but I wanted to play, so I pretended to cry a little bit.


It did the trick grampy soon picked me up and called me a little scamp. I like being a little scamp.

After playing with the kitchen a bit more, I went exploring to see how many of grampy’s doors I could open and close. There were loads. I love opening and closing doors.


Soon it was time for me to go. Grampy put on his football shirt, I think he was going to watch a football match. I don’t like football yet, maybe I will when I am older.

He took me to see Nanna Boo. I love her. She was very happy to see me and I was very happy to see her… I smiled again….

Today was a lovely day and soon I would see my mummy and daddy again, I love them most of all.



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