Moleskin Trousers

9th February 2012

Had a good day today.

After the seagull last week, I thought I would give Cardiff a miss and head west.

I have always wanted to catch the train to Bridgend going down the Vale of Glamorgan line through Rhoose and Llantwit Major. It was pretty cool as well . I had to decide whether to use my Senior Railcard or my Valley Lines Seniors card…I settled on the latter…only cost me three quid.

The ride was good; instead on turning left towards Barry Island the train went straight, past Romilly Park in Barry, then on past Porthkerry Park. Going across the Porthkerry Viaduct was awesome and fulfilled a lifelong ambition. The Rhoose/Cardiff International Airport station made me smile, it was tiny, although there was a bus ready to whisk passengers off to the terminal and sunny destinations across the world……except there were no airport passengers on the train.The journey past Rhoose followed the coast for a while going past Fontygary and Aberthaw, then cut inland at St Athan before heading down through the Vale…. it was really good.
Bridgend was FREEZING and a slightly seedy little town, so I had a little look around before heading for a proper old fashioned fish and chip cafe, where I ordered an OAPs lunchtime, chips, mushy peas and a massive cup of tea for a fiver.I guess I’m 3 years 8 months too young really, but I am a pensioner so I thought I would bluff it. I put my glasses on the end of my nose, looking at the menu, acted a bit doddery and asked for the OAP special. I thought…well if people are starting to stand up for me on the bus I deserve it.
I did look around for any seagulls before tucking in!

It was the nicest fish and chips I have tasted for many a long year. Pure class!

Before heading home I purchased a brand new pair of black moleskin M & S trousers in the Air Ambulance charity shop. I asked the old duck behind the counter did any moles have to suffer in the making of these trousers and she replied that she wasn’t really sure. I’m wearing them at the moment…they fitted perfectly and I can’t stop feeling them. To be honest I’m not really sure what moleskin is. I hate animal cruelty but those moles are such a nuisance digging up everybody’s lawns…so maybe these trousers mean it’s payback time.

I’ll have to give The Wind in the Willows a wide berth for a while….


Author: rogernewberry

Full time, husband, father and grandfather.

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