Adventures with Alfie

Adventures with Alfie Day 15

I had been looking for an opportunity to take Alfie to Cefn Mably Farm ever since the lady of the house and I had taken Princess Mia and Angel Millie there several months ago. Cefn Mably Farm says this about itself

‘A visit to Cefn Mably Farm Park provides an increasingly rare opportunity to meet and interact with a large variety of friendly farm animals in any weather and at any time if the year. At Cefn Mably Farm Park we have lots of space for both children and adults alike, with plenty of things for the family to see and do both inside and outside.

  • Coffee Shop and bistro
  • 6000 square foot of heated play barn
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas
  • 12,800 square foot undercover area
  • Picnic areas around farm
  • Under fours play area
  • Pony rides
  • Touch and hold area with the animals
  • Conservation and pond areas
  • Log play areas and
  • Under fives play areas

Our park was created with children in mind and provides lots of opportunities for them to observe the animals closely in an enjoyable and safe manner.


The girls had enjoyed it immensely and I had promised myself and Alfie that we would venture up there some time and check it out for ourselves.

Today seemed the perfect day. Alfie had stayed overnight and after the lady of the house had prepared him for the day and I had made him a hearty bowl of porridge, Alfie set about playing with the farm set in the nursery, that little bit of paradise my dear lady had created for the grandchildren. I am sure I heard him say ‘Grampy’ as he picked up a rather large Gloucester Old Spot, but then it was early and my ears were still adjusting to the day.

It seemed to be a sign that we should visit Cefn Mably. Aunt Bes was home on a week’s holiday so she was invited to tag along. We knew she would enjoy the day, I even felt she would enjoy it more than Alfie!

Alfie wasn’t keen on his morning snooze…I am beginning to think the list of instructions handed to me last September when Alfie’s parents first asked me to be his co-adventurer last September is slightly out of date. As usual, just before we were due to leave on our latest expedition Alfie looked at me and smiled and some ‘farmyard’ smells reached my nostrils and I realised a change of nappy must take priority. Happy days.

We set off, expecting a day of fun and we were not to be disappointed. On the way we passed a car that had a registration number, which Alfie wished he could buy me for my next birthday. It was pretty cool, maybe one day…


We reached the farm in good time and Alfie giggled out loud when we passed the farm van. Aunt Bes liked it as well.


We paid our money and went in. The barn was warm and inviting and we found a table to set up as base camp. The log burning stove I the corner was well hidden by young mums and their offspring all crowding round and chatting happily. Still, it gave the barn a nice warm homely feeling.

With the words of captain Oates on my lips – ‘I’m going out and I may be some time!’ – we ventured out into a little wonderland for kids. Alfie loved it! We started in the touch and hold area and Alfie held a guinea pig and a rabbit and fed them with the food we had bought at the entrance and a carrot provided by the keeper. Alfie was a little unsure at first but was soon tucking into the carrot quite happily. We guided the vegetable towards the rabbit and he enjoyed it as well.



Alfie loved brushing the rabbit, maybe a little overenthusiastically at times, but the rabbit seemed happy enough.

We moved onto the rabbit cages – a whole area of them, all abandoned, but brought here for safekeeping and a good home, and that is exactly what they get! They all looked in fantastic condition and were all tame and very child friendly. The boy loved feeding them with the little pellets of food we had bought.


Aunt Bes enjoyed this bit too!

We moved on to the pigs and at one time I thought the lady of the house had made a surprise visit, but I quickly realised my mistake and was so glad she wasn’t around to notice this simple but understandable mistake, the similarity was quite striking.


Alfie LOVED the pigs…and so did Aunt Bes! From the pigs we went to the horses, Alfie was wide eyed at such big animals, he giggled as he smoothed a large white one. Alfie tried to feed this one, the trouble was though he had no food to give him and when I turned round to see Alfie’s hand completely inside the horse’s mouth, I took a sudden sharp intake of breath. I pulled his hand out and quickly counted his fingers and thumbs. Thankfully there was the correct number of each and we carried on.


Aunt Bes loved the horses!

Alfie had spotted a large old abandoned Massey Ferguson tractor and he sat on it and had fun. He looked a bit like Farmer Hogget, who knows where his future career lies, maybe one day he will be running his own farm. Aunt Bes enjoyed going on the tractor as well.



After the tractor we noticed some child sized JCBs. This was too good an opportunity to miss.



We made our way back to the barn to have our lunch – all that time with the horses had made me feel quite hungry. I was wondering what the lady of the house had packed me for lunch, probably a tasty Findus Lasagna or a nice well-done Tesco value burger. I had noticed on the way to the farm that in Aldi the prices on the Findus Lasagna had fallen from 7/1 down to 3/2.

As we did so Alfie noticed some small toy ride on tractors, he was hooked. He loved driving around the farmyard with me pushing him, gasping for breath. Aunt Bes was eyeing them up, but realised thankfully that she was not small enough and I had no puff left.


We made our way to the cleaning area and scrubbed our hands thoroughly before heading into the barn for our lunch.


Thankfully none of the products contained horsemeat and we enjoyed a leisurely lunchtime together.

After lunch we headed for the indoor soft play area. When I took Alfie to Coconuts some months ago, he was not all that keen. That was the day we left the Cath Kidston bag in Barry…I still have nightmares and wake up screaming at what could have happened. This time after a minute or so of uncertainty Alfie had a great time. Aunt Bes being younger and more nimble than me accompanied Alfie. Aunt Bes loved this. They played happily together, aunty and nephew and friends.




When she needed a break, I took Alfie into the ballpark. It must have seemed funny to the other visitors to see this shoeless, fat, little old man crawling in on all fours, but the struggle was worth it. Alfie adored playing with the balls and with other children. He especially liked this little wind machine, which kept the balls hovering in mid air and managed to throw one ball up make it hover…clever lad.



All too soon, it was time to go home. We tidied up, went to see the fish and then left. To leave the farm now you have to walk through the new shop. The shop is called The Moody Sow, quite a good name I thought. I suddenly thought of the lady of the house and what I should prepare for her tea.


Alfie slept the entire way home Aunt Bes spoke about what a good time she had had.

When we arrived home, I realised Alfie was a bit hot wearing his bobble hat, still …… we ended the day as we had begun…with a smile.


Adventuring is fun!


3 thoughts on “Adventures with Alfie Day 15

  1. Jaynie Eccles says:

    Looks like great fun! Must take the twins when there a little bigger, I don’t think I’ve ever been. Bless his hair at the end, Haha. He’s Such a cutie!,

  2. Brene Hully says:

    It’s definitely on our list. So close to home, but we’ve never been. Keep up the good work

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